Addiction Part 5: The Double Impact of Power


Hello Luv,

I know it’s been a while, but with the completion of the updated site I wanted to make sure to give you some content to immediately get your hands on. I have been having many of you that’s been asking about the continuance of the Addiction posts and for all those who were asking, they are back.

For a quick refresher because it’s been so long. I began this post speaking about the many way things that people are addicted to without fully comprehending that, that is what the problem even is. I went through the explaining that there are many different way to end up addicted to something or even someone, that there are different traps that land people in situations they never saw themselves in and can’t seem to find a way to free themselves. I went through the lies of false love, the attraction to pain as the receiver, the giver, and the tolerable. Which leads me to my next topic the power behind it all. Because after all that’s what this is all about… the power. But what can the desire of power do to you and for you and most importantly how does it affect those who surround you.


In the short stories I shared with you in the previous post both have allowed their need to administer pain to control every choice they make. Lelone was a young girl who missed out on the blessing of life because she used the excuse of justice or revenge to fuel her addiction to administer punishment.

Both Brian McFalley and Steven McKinney had a combination of addiction to power and administering punishment. They used the excuse of revenge and the need to protect to fuel this addiction, turning them into the very thing they thought they were protecting others from. They’re need for control is further shown in their other relationships they ended up in. Their wives became trapped with mad men who ended up loving their need for power more than them.

Power like most things I’ve written about is also addictive only this addiction drives the person to need more and more unlike most addictions that just require a fix that increases in the amount of times used. Power requires a the level of power to increase. With most addictions only those that are closest to the person addicted is affected but with power it affects all who see; all those who are susceptible to the addiction of power. Only unlike with most addictions the trap laid can’t be easily avoided. Power is tricky. Power has a way of convincing someone with good intentions to gain “leverage” which is just another word for control or power.

It holds no easy patterns to follow or to try to stay away from. It is simply the trick of the eye and most of the time you don’t see that power has rushed into someone’s veins until they begin to affect people in more disturbing ways; turning that person into mere copies of the beasts before them. It’s fed by seemingly insignificant things like the need to be noticed or recognized. The power beneath these actions are masked by excuses that tell tales of deep rooted insecurities that need some since of control or power to help them heal.

I can give examples of this power urge…The first one is a pg version.

I know we’ve all seen those mean girl teen movies like ‘Mean Girls’. The token mean girl in these kind of movies always have the same personality; disrespectful, manipulative, spoiled with little to no compassion. So much in fact that the family is controlled by this bossy little teenager who has no real reason to be in control of everyone let alone an adult authority like her parents, but some how she is. And all those teenagers at school hate how they get treated whole secretly wiching they could be just like her or at least have her ability to control or shall I say manipulate all that she touches.

Watching movies like this or being around someone like the token mean girl has a few effects:

  1. Hate: People hate her/ him because they seem to have it all and want to rub it in the faces of all those who don’t. They begin to hate themselves thinking that if they can only be more like them their lives wold change in a great way.
  2. Envy: People envy them and wish to have all that they have completely missing the small reality that their lives may all be a mask that’s hiding a bigger issue.( but I won’t get into that this post)
  3. Revenge: People that are directly a continuous target of the wrath of this power craved “leader” tries to find ways to make them pay, turning them into power surged revenge beats; who use payback as an excuse to be just like those they are trying to repay.

The next example is one of a sexual nature…

As an adult I notice that sex ,the anticipation, or lack there of have become a way to control for both male and female. Men who have the mindset that they ” put it down”use this power to manipulate women into putting up with behavior they have no business tolerating. Giving birth to jokes like ‘he can do whatever he wants to me as long as that pipe continues to get laid correctly on the regular.’ It’s all jokes and fun until they find themselves so desperate upon his sex they miss all the warnings like in the movie “Temptation”

And since I’m not one of those women writers who make it look and seem like all men are dogs and all women are victims, but instead choose to keep it real and be honest…

I’m going to also talk about the two different ways women try to use sex as a control factor. The first is the same as the men, having great sex skills as a woman is both a blessing and a curse. For that guy they want to hold onto, they get him. Making his so completely hypnotized and in some cases forgetting their responsibilities as husbands and fathers to get another round of what she’s giving out (that they may or may not be getting at home). They’ll tell or do whatever needs to be dome to keep her giving up her honey pot. For that guy who they want to leave; well you know the saying “feed a stray and he’ll never go away.”

The second is the withholding of sex. Now I have a double opinion on this topic. If you are married please your husband within reason. It shouldn’t become a chore to give your man some sex;because men are physical beings and as his wife you should make sure that all the temptation he gets is easy to turn down (this applies to both husband and wife and not just about sexual needs, but that too is another topic)

Yet if you’re simply in a relationship these rules change because now a days a relationship can easily be pushed aside. But back to the topic of withholding, women have been using this since the beginning of time, punishing their men by saying no to sex, she knows she wants as well. And it worked until the rise of the side piece (but that again is another topic) this leaves a man with options but if he’s faithful it allows her to get him to bend to her every desire. Making me wonder does she love him or the fact that she can easily control him. Ironically these controlling women fall for guys who want to control them the same way they usually control men. Oh well like they say Karma’s a bitch but she’s fair.

If you can control someone with sex, imagine those who can’t seem to get enough of it…

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