Addiction Part 7: Money


Money for many is the most important thing. Instead of it simply being a means to an end it’s turned into their god. They use the excuse of it being a necessity to operate in greed. I get and completely understand that money is a need and the way the cost of living is going up, it’s become somewhat of a must for anyone to have above what’s considered normal or average pay to survive especially if you have a big family with a lot going on, or want one in the future. But once you reach the amount where you and you’re family can be comfortable what else do you need? What else are you working for?

I have found that people focus more on making money simply to make the haters mad then they do for all the right reasons. You see them swimming in money quick to brag, but always the last to help out when someone is in real need. Creating a divide between the haves and the have nots.

It’s been said that “money is the root to all evil”;but can you really blame an inadequate object for how a person who knows right from wrong values it and mistreats life itself. Greed grows in people not money. The need for more and more causes people to become the beasts they always said they hated and would never become. Leading into other deadly sins (which I will talk about at a later time) making me wonder how each was created and which one was created or birthed first. My guess would be greed. Greed leads to a lot of things and connects to a lot of things. Greed can be for more than just money; but anything. Envy usually follows, it’s the side effect of those around who want what someone else has. And because their eyes (which can be tricky little buggers at times) only show them the comparison of their lives to the ones they wish they had, they began to come up with reasons why the other person doesn’t deserve what they have as much as they do. They start to make up reasons why the envied person somehow cheated to get where they are or took some sort of short cut and there fore really doesn’t deserve the life they have. They gripe and moan about what they would and wouldn’t do, not realizing that each time they open their mouth about how they think someone else got what they have with no proof or ounce of truth; they only show what they would be willing to do to get that type of lifestyle for themselves. Usually showing that if there was or is any hard work or hustle involved they wouldn’t be willing to go through all that’s necessary to gain that lifestyle but also to keep it.

After all there is preparation necessary for everything. And many don’t realize that all those who gain their riches in the fast way, never hold onto it for long. Therefore making it easy to determine who put in the hustle and grind to get what they have and who hasn’t. Those who worked for their success in any area, understand what it takes to not just grow, but to maintain their position. Those who take the short cut have no idea what it truly takes to maintain it or even sustain themselves and they lose it all, before they really get their hands on it.

An example of this is the “lottery curse” which states that those who win go broke within a year. This is true and I hope you all know that its not a real curse that makes these people lose all they won, it’s the fact that they don’t understand how to maintain large sums of money. If they never learned how tom manage the little they had, having more money will cause them to go into more debt faster. Having money doesn’t mean you spend it all on unnecessary stuff you couldn’t afford before that won’t do anything to add to you. It means you have the opportunity to invest into something that will put you into a better place; allowing you to keep the wealth you have acquired for a longer period of time.

I have seen that sometimes those with money tend to give off vibes, that may have a tendency to make those less fortunate feel less than what they are. The power money gives them causes them to act like they could never lose what they have. But in the same instance someone else success shouldn’t make you hate your life and your journey. It should push you to be all you want to become. Many people look to make it the quick way with things like gambling not realizing that they are digging themselves into a bigger whole by creating another addiction.


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