Addiction Post – Short Story Example- Nariko’s Rage

Hello! Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a while since my last post so I’m going to give you a quick refresher. I left off on Part 4 on my Addiction Blog touching on the topic of Pain driven addictions and the different ways that pain affect different people. I left off saying that I would share a few stories with you showing the addiction coping with pain by causing pain. So now that all the madness has calmed down from the holidays I’m going to give you something for you to dig into. Let me know what you think. The title of this short story is “Nariko’s Rage”. Please remember that all contents found on this page are protected by copyright laws, be sure to give credit if this is reposted. Thank you and Enjoy!



Nariko’s Rage


Lelone grew up as Nariko the odd ball in Kyoto Japan. A mixed girl whose mother was Japanese and whose father was Japanese and black. As a rare beauty she was always told that she would make beautiful geisha apprentice. This was tested when her father was murdered in front of her and her mother was forced into a life of servitude that ended with her also being murdered. Unleashing a deadly calm that her pretty face and chilled topaz blue eyes couldn’t hide. So when trying to place her with those that gave the most benefit the murderers chose Master Hitoshi Hashimoto a known leader of the Shi clan, the deadliest of the assassin ninja clans.

There she grew rapidly in her training growing into an even more deadly version of herself, constantly using her need for revenge to drive her. She was a master by the tender age of eight only four years after she began her teaching. It was then that Master Hitoshi sent her on her first mission to kill another clan leader. Though it was her first mission and she was accompanied by more seasoned clan members it was Nariko who completed the mission and brought Hitoshi the head of Ryuu, the leader of the Kaminari clan, with his blood splattered across her face showing no signs of emotion or remorse that most children her age still held onto.

She grew more and more skill and more and more deadly as two more years passed. In that time, she was able to obtain the personal information of the men responsible for the murder of her beloved father. After finding that it was a hit and those responsible where only paid henchman she took it upon herself to make them all pay.

She started with the hitmen; two brothers by the name of Johnnie and Jericho who made a living off the hits provided for high end clients. They were known to be loyal to none but each other. To them it was always about the money; whoever paid more got the hit. Her father was the low bidder in this game so he was among the first to go, followed by a long list of other highly respected and powerful men and their wives.

She began to watch their movements and their conversations with their supportive wives. When she heard a conversation between the four regarding her parents and the women’s approval of their choice she made her move.

Narioko started with the wives; these women who approved of not just the murder of her father but also in the manner in which they handled her and her mother, speaking as if their lives were merely investments into their overindulged lifestyle.

She waited until the men went off on another job and the wives Jessica and Jasmine were comfortable in their separate wings of the house.

Jessica was visited first, her bold and unattached attitude sealed her fate. Nariko watched as she prepared her bubble bath and mood music. Waiting patiently while she pranced around grabbing all she thought she would need afterward; but would never actually get to use. She watched her step into the tub and relax as the water encircled her body; then Nariko made herself known.

She walked into the bathroom entering as silently as a cat stalking its prey, so quiet that Jessica didn’t notice her in the bathroom until she was standing right behind her in the shadows looking at their reflection in the mirror off the large Jacuzzi tub.

It takes someone really full of themselves to have a mirror where the wall separates the rest of the bathroom.

Hearing Nariko say these words so boldly and nonchalant as if she was simply touring the house at 2 in the morning made Jessica jump. This was the first warning that Nariko was even there and though she stood right behind her all Jessica could see was the color of those blue eyes staring back at her through the mirror.

“W-Who’s there?” Jessica stammered wondering about those piercing blue eyes that seemed to be floating in midair staring back at her.

Nariko didn’t answer the question she just continued on in a hushed voice. “Didn’t want anything else? You decided to use yourself as entertainment; well I’m sure you’re going to get your monies worth today.”

“Who are you? How did you get in here?”Jessica stammered again.

Nariko chuckled harshly, The question you should be asking is what I’m doing here. But since you don’t really want to know I’ll answer your questions. I’ve been in your house all day today. I watched you and your sister in law prepare dinner for your husbands and go on as if you have done nothing wrong.

“That’s because we haven’t.” Jessica quickly stated.

Nariko continued on, “I think that’s incorrect. Do you know Naroki or his wife Natashi?”

“So, why would you assume that your husband made the right choice to kill him and send his wife to a woman killer who tortured her for nearly three years until she dies as well?”

“I wasn’t concerned with her life, just the money we received from the exchange.”

“I’m sure you feel the same about their daughter?”

“Yes. We were given a hefty payment for each. Why would I worry about what happened to them? We spared them. My husband could have killed them, at least they got to live. We are not responsible for what happens after they leave our care.”

“On the contrary you are. Because everything you do in life has a consequence.”

It was with these words that Nariko moved quickly out of the shadows and to the back of Jessica placing her sharp blade against her neck as she starred into the eyes of the woman she was going to kill. Nariko watched her eyes widen as she felt the blade sink into her skin.

“Don’t struggle the more you move the deeper it’ll go. Don’t bother trying to scream or call for help; your phone isn’t around you and your room is padded for sound. I’m going to give you a chance to look into the eyes of the little girl whose life you didn’t consider; whose eyes are the exact replica of her innocent mothers. I’m going to let you see my mother’s eyes before you die and realize that everything has a consequence.”

With these words she sliced quickly through Jessica’s throat spraying her blood across the tub to splatter on the mirror before she pushed her into the hot bubbly water. Then she moved onto her next kill; Jasmine. She had placed a surprise in her room that should take affect any minute now.

Nariko wasn’t going to use her blade on her because she wasn’t as bold as Jessica. She merely nodded her head in quiet agreement at everything Jessica said. So because she was spineless she would die a quiet and painless death.

Like she did with Jessica, Nariko entered Jasmine’s room without her even knowing she was there. Before she realized it Nariko was standing over her as she laid in the bed. Feeling eyes on her she opened her eyes to find Nariko’s topaz blue eyes staring back at her. She jumped in shock and immediately cut on the light, seeing this child sitting on her bed.

“Little girl how did you get in here? Do you need help?”

“You don’t recognize me do you?”

“No should I.”

“No, I guess not. I just thought you would’ve since you attended both my parent’s funeral and addressed me at both.”

Wiping her eyes to see clearly Jasmine nodded; “Oh yes. I remember you. It’s been a while and you’ve gotten slightly older. Is that why you’re here are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Why would it matter? You only care about the money.”

“I do; but in your case I wanted you to have a chance to have a great education, a real chance at life.”

“That’s what you thought you gave me?”

“Yeah. I figured it would be better than becoming a geisha, where your body is not your own to command. At least with the master you would learn to take care of yourself.”

Nariko nodded in response before saying, “I appreciate your kindness which is why I am now showing the same for you and your unborn child and allowing you to both die peacefully in your sleep.”

As she said these words Jasmine had unconsciously closed her eyes and taken her last breath. As Nariko left she took a look at the glass of water she placed the untraceable poison in that assisted her well. Then she went downstairs to wait for the brothers to return to find their wives dead.

Nariko waited downstairs in the shadows patiently for about two hours until Johnnie and Jericho returned. When they walked in they immediately went to shower and change in the downstairs bathrooms before grabbing celebratory drink and heading upstairs to join their wives.

Jericho found his wife first. Nariko had already secured her position inside the room to watch his reaction. She had walked up the stairs behind them without them ever realizing she was so close.

She sat in the shadows of their bedroom as Jericho walked into the bathroom searching for his narcissistic wife, only to find her in their Jacuzzi tub. As he leaned over the tub to grab his wife out the water Nariko made herself known.

“Doesn’t feel good when it’s someone you love does it?”

Jericho’s head popped up immediately searching for the unknown voice and seeing nothing and no one.

“Who are you? How did you get in here? Did you do this to my wife?”

Nariko chuckled harshly, “Do you really want to know?”

Confused and now feeling his anger grow at the sound of her chuckle Jericho yelled, “Show yourself! Since you’re bold enough to come in here and then stick around to watch my reaction.”

Nariko stepped silently out of the shadows, showing Jericho that she was standing in the dark doorway the entire time. Allowing Jericho to meet the topaz blue gaze of the one responsible, only to find this child standing before him.

“What! You’re nothing but a little girl. Do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into? Tell me who you’re spying for.”

“Spying. Spying. I’m here on behalf of my parents Naroki and Natashi. Do you remember them? You killed my father in front of me spattering his blood on my face before you sold my mother to a monster who tortured her for years before cutting her throat. Now here we are with your wife’s death imitating both my losses. She smiled harshly, How ironic, that the wife of the man who killed my parents for the pleasure of money got murdered for the pleasure of revenge.”

In response to what she said Jericho stood to his feet with his hands clenched in tight fists. “I remember you. I remember your eyes as they widened while I sliced through all your father’s major arteries making him bleed out. I was there when your mothers throat was cut because of her disrespect to my presence. I watched the life drain from those pretty blue eyes and now I get the pleasure of seeing the life drain from their only daughter that my sister in law attempted to spare. You should have taken that chance because you won’t get another. You killed my wife and kind of did me a favor, I now don’t need to figure out how to get rid of her after she wasted my money and cheated openly as if I would never find out. So I owe you; and I’ll repay you by making your death quick. Any last words?”

“Yeah. Say hello to your wife when you get to HELL.”

With those words said Jericho charged at Nariko and before he realized it her swords blade had crossed completely through his body, separating his lower half from the upper half. She watched his eyes widen as he looked down in shock before he separated and fell to the floor. She walked silently to the next room to finish the job. She found Johnnie lying next to his dead wife trying desperately to wake her.

“She’s dead Johnnie boy; has been for the last few hours.”

“NO! She can’t be. She’s just sleeping.”

“No. She’s dead. But be assured she died peacefully. She was a good woman surrounded by the wrong people.”

Turning on the side lamp he saw nothing. “Show yourself Nariko.”

She stepped forward out of the shadows boldly. “How did you know it was me?”

“There is no one else that has leverage here. The only one my wife actually spoke for. It couldn’t have been anyone else. I knew your parents well; it was a hard job for me.”

“I know. That’s why you left it to your brother.”

He nodded his head while feeling his throat get dry he reached to grab his water and take a large drink, not tasting the poison that would help him join his wife; the same poison placed in his wife’s glass. Because of their hearts they would die at peace.


The next morning the maid found them in the house. Nariko had returned to her master to find him furious with her for going rouge and when she didn’t apologize he realized he couldn’t control her and tried to kill her as she sat bowed humbly at the floor. He learned a lesson from his student; never attack a beast untamed.

Nariko walked to a local adoption agency still covered in the blood from her kills. She was placed in therapy and was adopted into a new family when her other talents began to show themselves. Her last statement to her therapist was also the first thing she said to her new parents. I did what I did to protect myself and avenge my dead parents. I am not dangerous to those I love but those that cross them will face my wrath.

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