Addiction View Poem

This poem of mine Addiction View goes with the blog I’ve been writing about addiction. Read it below and let me know what you think. Please remember that all the things on this page is copyrighted material.


Addiction View

She sits in her chair

Watching the screen

She is filled with compassion about the life of this woman before her

wondering what about him makes her stay

As she hopes and prays that he’ll get it together someday

She sees the game he plays

That continue to inflict massive pain

Thinking what is it about him that keeps her stagnate

Turning that into what’s wrong with that girl that makes her allow all this to continue

Finally when she can’t take the pattern any longer,

She turns off her screen

Only to find it was never truly a screen but simply another image of her own life

And as she stands there suddenly looking at the image of her past life she wonders

How does this make sense?

What does this all mean?

So she asks the vision of herself in the mirror

And it tells her

Don’t be so quick to assume you ¬†misunderstand

Everyone has a tricky card in their hand

For some it may just take a little longer to see

But the same woman she is now

Is who you used to be

She continues to stare in confusion she couldn’t hide

So the image shows her all the pain she once held inside

While saying all of us has dealt with a trap we didn’t see

Landing us into an addition that nearly took away the person we were meant to be.

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