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Addiction Part 7: Money

  Money for many is the most important thing. Instead of it simply being a means to an end it’s turned into their god. They use the excuse of it being a necessity to operate in greed. I get and completely understand that money is a need and the way the cost of living is…

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Save Our Innocent

So, while talking to my daughter today about child birth and the natural pain a woman goes through after watching a show that brought up the topic she asked the question: If a child gets raped can they get pregnant and give birth safely? Now immediately I wanted to know what made her ask me…

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Addiction Part 6

  Last post I spoke about power briefly because I can go deeper into the topic of course,but this post I will talk about the addiction that most people talk about without paying attention that they’re addicted at all; the addiction to sex. Now for many of my readers who are Zane fans like myself…

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Poet Special Apperance

Most people know that I started out as poet and now I get to show you what my daughter wrote. Proud mommy moment.   Written by my Serenity: Up and down widow street Fathers trudge through the sleet Whoosh. Whoosh. The wind whispers. In a house a girl shivers. Cozy fires cast a glow. In…

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Is nowhere safe?

  Hello Luvs Recently I was having a conversation with my aunt who travels often, this was the first time that she’s expressed any kind of anxiety towards traveling. We began the discussion playfully with me asking is there any place that she hasn’t been or wouldn’t go. She went over her list of places…

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Sexy Salads

So not many people know this or can tell by looking at me. I have an extremely large appetite and my girls share that with me,but we couple that by also staying active. Recently I wanted to find more ways to eat healthy yet yummy salads. For all those who can’t stand the taste of…

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Addiction Part 5: The Double Impact of Power

  Hello Luv, I know it’s been a while, but with the completion of the updated site I wanted to make sure to give you some content to immediately get your hands on. I have been having many of you that’s been asking about the continuance of the Addiction posts and for all those who…

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The Conversation on Survival Network

An interview “the Conversation” with your hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Each week we look to bring you programming which will inspire, motivate and educate you our LOYAL listeners. Tonight we’re featuring several people who will do just that…

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Writers Life Chats Casheena Parker Interview

As a young girl, Casheena Parker fell in love with words. She would use books to travel the world, experience the depths of human emotion and have a great time. She dreamed of creating dynamic characters and using them to give voice to the voiceless. Now a writer, Casheena has taken her love for words…

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