Ruthless is the first novel of the Ruthless Series. The full version is available in hardcover, while the eBook is split into Act I and Act II.

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Chapter 1

Nightmare Begins

Growing up I never had much of a family. I briefly stayed with foster parents, Eric and Simicka James, who only wanted me because of the money I brought in for them to make themselves look better than they feel. Cheap bastards never could afford anything without me. My foster father showed me the most love. Especially when he would climb off of me after fuckin me until he was no longer thinking about the bitch he was married to. Who fucked everything in the world but him. But hey; I guess I was needed for more than money. I made someone happy or at least content with himself.

I learned about sex from my hoe of a mother at an early age. She was a professional escort and had no problems bringing her clients home and fucking them in her room with the door wide open. She sold me to my first customer for around six thousand dollars when I was fifteeen years old.

She told me, “It’s time for you to stop livin off me and get up and make a livin of your own. You’re old enough to understand how this world works. The only thing in this world stronger than money is pussy. So use it to your advantage. Your first customer will be here in a minute. So quit your fuckin whining and wipe your face. This guy is paying six hundred dollars to take a look at you. He seen me and said I was too old. When he seen a picture of you, he said you were perfect and that he would have you at any price.

I’m not turning down good money cause my bitch of a daughter is too scared to give up her pussy. What. You think you’re too good to fuck? You’re nothing. You’ll never be anything but a high class hoe, just like me. I’m giving you half the money. Is that what you’re worried about? I’m chargin him a good price. I didn’t make you out to be cheap. You’re going to be a high class escort just like me.

At least I have high standards for you. Unlike what Maria had for me. Your grandmother sold me to my pimp father for cocaine. And he turned me out to sick perverts that like to fuck young girls.
I wasn’t like you though. I welcomed my fate and I took advantage of what I have. See me. I was determined not to be a street corner hoe.

I want only the best for you. Don’t you understand? We don’t want for anything do we? I don’t want you living like these dumb ass teenagers. That fall in love and get knocked up by some broke ass nigga before they even get to see what the world is like. Then they’re tied down to some bratty snot nose kid for the rest of their lives.

I don’t want you to go through what I went through at your age. You have someone here who sees your potential and is willin to let you shine. So go for it. Besides you have no choice in the matter. I’m your mother and what I say goes. So go in the bathroom and take that damn ponytail out of your hair and put in the pig tails, like I told you. Jesus. You’re so fuckin hard headed. What do I have to do to get you to do as I ask?”

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. Looking toward the front door, my mom continued her ranting. “Damn. He’s here early. Like all rich fucks. They’re always eager to get themselves in some exotic type pussy. Hurry up and go change into what I laid out on my bed for you and hurry the fuck up. Don’t come out here acting all scared either. Though it probably won’t make a difference, he may get turned on by that shit. Huh. That’s a fuckin shame.”

She yelled out telling whoever was waiting at the door that she’d be there shortly. “Coming. I’ll be right there. Hurry up Eva.”

I went into the room and did as I was told. Cause Momma didn’t play disrespect in front of a client. She’d beat my ass good if I cost her money. Especially since she liked spoiling me with new gear, just to show people around the hood that we were high class and we had a way out. I guess to her that was enough to make her seem as if she was a good mother. Better than hers anyway. And she always told me, that was enough for her.

When he walked in I could hear them talking like old friends, or some shit in the living room. My mom really thought she was my personal agent or somethin, like fuckin a guy takes any real effort to do. As if it takes some kind of special power that not all women have. She’s so fuckin pathetic and now she’s dragging me into this bullshit. Damn.

Jason walked into the apartment wearing a designer three piece suit and matching dress shoes that brought out the natural dark blue in his eyes. Rubbing his hands through his wavy jet black hair, he grabbed and kissed Anna’s hand before smoothly saying, “Hello Anna. How are you? You look just as good as when I saw you yesterday. Where is that lovely daughter of yours? I can’t wait to sink myself into her.”

Anna smiled sweetly and responded, “I’m fine, thank you. You’ll see her as soon as you show me the green that we agreed to for this lil’ meeting. Remember business before pleasure. If you can’t wait until a more appropriate time to actually close the deal, you’re going to have to pay a thousand dollars extra an hour for her and my inconvenience. It is a school night and I do have other things to do tonight besides to sit here and listen to you fuck my daughter.”

“That’s no problem. I told you, money is no object to me. All I want is the chance to pop her sweet cherry. I have a business proposition for you. How about if I take her to a motel and have her spend the night? How much will that cost me?”

Smirking and shaking her head Anna responded, “What will your wife think about you stayin out with some young girl? Let me talk to her about that first. I’ll let you know about the price later. Let me go see what’s keeping her.”

As my mom walked into the room, I was lookin at the outfit that she had laid out, tryin to figure out how to put everything on. She started to dress me herself seein that I had no clue how some of the shit went on. While telling me exactly what she thought of my ignorance with escort clothing. “Eva. What are you doin in here takin all day and havin that man wait on you? Even though I think it’s makin him even hotter for you than I originally thought he was. Do you know that he offered to take you to a motel and pay for you to stay the night with him? What do you think of that?”

I can’t believe she just asked me that. She’s talking as if I actually want to do this in the first place. “Momma I don’t know. What choice do I have? I remember you saying, I ‘don’t have a choice’. How much is he paying? Isn’t that what’s really important?”

“Why you talking like that? I’m helping you become something greater than you are. I think I’ll charge him the six thousand and six hundred dollars up front. Then you can decide when you see him if you want to go. How does that sound?”

I didn’t say nothing. I just stared at her. What could I say when I really didn’t want to do this anyway? It’s not like it really mattered what I said. She was goin to do what she thought was best for her and in some strange way, me. So I just finished dressing and told her that whatever she thought was best was fine with me.

We walked out to the living room to meet my first client; I was so scared and pissed off it wasn’t even funny. Just this morning I was talking to my girls about the biggest hoe in school, Jasmine Clark, who actually worked with my mom. Now I’m getting my initiation into becoming just like her. Man life is so fucked up.

Momma introduced us like I was meeting someone of importance. Instead of some pathetic rich white man who has to pay for sex to get off. “Jason this is my daughter Eva. What do you think now that you’ve seen her in person?”

I smiled sweetly. Look at him. He’s so stuck on himself that he would whether have someone like me who’s never fucked before, so he can feel better about himself. Even though, he’s actually kind of cute in a weird kind of way. He reminded me of the way Satan would look like if he was actually in the flesh.
Jason licked his lips while looking me up and down. While shaking his head at the dark young beauty in front of him he said, “She’s perfect. She’s everything that I imagined she would be and more. The school girl outfit is perfect on her. I know that was your idea. And the pigtails? Oh my. Just like I like them, innocent. She’s just the right age too.”

Then as if he had suddenly forgotten my mom was there, he looked me directly in the eyes and began to ask me what I thought about the deal we’d been given earlier. “Eva, has your mother talked to you about the proposal that I brought to her attention? We’ll both be a lot more comfortable at a five star hotel. I think your first time should be special. Don’t you agree?”

I can’t believe this old white man is asking me where I want my cherry popped like it makes a damn difference. Huh. Acting like he cares how comfortable I am with this process. He didn’t ask me if I wanted to do this in the first place, did he? Nope. He just assumed I was like my mother at heart and I would like the idea of being in a fancy fuckin motel and that alone would put me at ease. What I need is a fuckin drink.

Shrugging my shoulders I answered him honestly, “I guess it’s whatever you would like. But is it possible for me to have a drink or two before the process actually starts. I’m a little nervous.”
Momma looked at me like I was fuckin dumb. Like her ass never had a drink before going to deal with her clients. This is such bullshit. Look at her laughin like they’re old friends or some shit, exchanging money for me to stay the night with him like he was buying some old lamp or something. I’ve never felt so cheap in my life.

We go out to his car that is sitting in front of the apartment and to my surprise I see my friends sitting on the stoop, as usual. They stop talking and look at me. The look they gave me should have made me run for it then or at least tell someone what was goin on. But, I didn’t say nothin. When my girl Krystal asked me what was goin on and why I was dressed like some fuckin school girl. I just looked at her and said that I’ll talk to her at school the next day. I never would get the chance.

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