Save Our Innocent

So, while talking to my daughter today about child birth and the natural pain a woman goes through after watching a show that brought up the topic she asked the question: If a child gets raped can they get pregnant and give birth safely? Now immediately I wanted to know what made her ask me something like that; but knowing my eldest daughter her mind is like mine and if shes thinking it or wondering about it, the question will soon follow. So, this was one of these times that I was thankful for our ability to talk about any and everything and I explained to her that yes it was possible. I remember seeing something on YouTube about the worlds youngest mother being a girl named Lina Medina who was only 5 years old. Yes, I said five. You know the age when your child first starts to go to a ‘ big kid’ school and when they first start feeling like they’re big kids. That precious age between toddler years and really being a kid… FIVE.

When I saw this as a parent,it pissed me off. I didn’t take it lightly and when I saw them celebrating this fact I thought about how truly messed up this world has become, because after all she can’t possibly be a mother to her child. And yes to all those who are wondering she survived and gave birth to a 5lb. 8oz. baby boy by c-section. The rapist was never arrested because they never found out who he was even though they suspected the father.

I looked this up to take a look at it with my daughter, because knowledge can be either a blessing or a curse. And if she’s not learning from me and with me she’s learning from someone who doesn’t care about her well being. We found together that she was the youngest but not the only one that was close to or around that age. In fact the age went all the way up to 10 before it stopped. Nine seemed to be the prime number when young girls where getting more than just sex talks all over the world.

There was one story that stood out to me, and it was a repeat of something else I had heard recently… That women in Iran who are raped are put to death for premarital sex as their crime. This was appalling to both me and my daughter, her words were “That’s dumb! So they have to suffer through that like they have no voice or rights then they have to die because some guy was an idiot. That’s so stupid! Don’t they know rape isn’t voluntary.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The young girl was named Leyla Mafia and had been sold or prostituted by her mother starting at the age of 8, she was not only young but she was also mentally disabled. She gave birth to her first child at 9 years old, she then had twins at the age of 14. When she turned 19 she was facing being put to death for the moral offenses of debauchery, incest, and illegitimate motherhood. She ended up receiving the sentence of public beating and imprisonment.

I looked up and read about more than 10 cases of this happening. I know many of you are wondering like I was how is this even possible for children this age to even become pregnant, well in some cases these young girls have a diagnosis of precocious puberty causing the body to menstruate earlier than normal. In some cases they don’t know how it was caused.

As we were looking at these the difference in words came up, the difference in the words molestation vs sexual assault and rape vs sexual abuse. I noticed that with children they use the molestation when a child is touched in an inappropriate way instead of using the word sexual assault like they do with teenagers and adults. No different than they use sexual abuse instead of rape. My question is why. It’s the same thing in both cases and situations. Both survivors or victims have to suffer the same. Why try to make it sound less offensive when talking or referring to children when this is a situation that should be the most disgusting. The most horrifying, we’re talking about babies, children too young to even know what’s the point of it all. Heck at that age most don’t even know where babies even come from for real. Yet they are being touched and treated like grown women. When ironically grown women go through this and lose their mind from the experience sometimes.

I know some may say young is relative, but we are no longer in the days when girls get married at a young age because it’s part of custom for some older guy to come and marry her and expect her to bare his children and even during those times; they weren’t five years old.

While looking into this further I found that there was a guy named Alfred Kinsey a man who became known as, “The Father of the Sexual Revolution” he published books title Sexual behavior in the human male and Sexual behavior in the human female. In these books he spoke about his in depth studies on the sexual behavior of children. According to what I read Kinsey solicited and encouraged pedophiles during the 60s,70s and 80s to sexually violate from 317 to 2,035 infants and children, many of these children faced the horrible acts of oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual abuse. These were around the same time that these children were conceiving children and having to push out or suffer surgery.

Then I think about all the times these crimes are brought up recently. The children that are raped and killed because of some sick perverts preference for infants and children. What kind of world do we live in where these crimes aren’t seen as horrible as they actually are? Why is this okay? Why is it that people who do these type of crimes get less time than those who do what’s known as harmless crime? What type of world are we preparing for our children if this is something that is tolerated?

As many know am an author of a novel titled Ruthless a story about a young girl who was sold into the escort business by her mother at the age of 16. Many when hearing this asked me how could I write something like this and my response is always the same. It’s not the fact that I wrote something like this but the fact that something like this is actually happening that you should be worried about. These are real people who go through these things and I wanted to show the world that this is not only happening but it’s not all rose colored and easy to push to the side. I wanted the reader to understand the pain many of these victims; maybe then they will learn to be more vocal when they are thinking of speaking up.

Life, innocence and choice is precious and in many cases all of these are being dismissed or forgotten.

So protect these children and remember for those that are old enough to consent NO mean NO!

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